Vietnamese lychee meets Canadian standards

High-quality Vietnamese lychee meets the standards of the Canadian market, according to a Canadian importer.

Rex Yu from Manley Sales Company, who imported the first batch of Vietnamese lychee on June 10, told Vietnamese News Agency correspondents that Vietnamese lychees meet quality requirements of the Canadian Food Investigation Agency (CFIA).

He expressed his hope that Vietnamese lychee would secure a share in the Canadian market as Vietnamese fresh dragon fruits and longan have, both of which are currently imported by his company.

The company plans to distribute Vietnamese lychee across the country, from British Columbia on the west coast to Quebec on the east coast, within a week.

The Vietnamese Embassy in Canada has conducted a number of promotion campaigns to support domestic agricultural products in the host market, said Commercial Counsellor Hoang Anh Dung.

It also facilitates access to local investors and legal information for domestic businesses to ensure product quality, thus enhancing their competitiveness in the Canadian market.

Lychees and longan berries are Vietnam’s key fruit exports, along with dragon fruit, bananas, mangos, star fruit, rambutan and grapefruit.
Vietnam’s fruit and vegetable exports reached 629 million USD in the first five months of this year, soaring 17.8 percent in turnover compared to the same period last year.

The country exported nearly 900,000 tonnes of fruit in the past five months, with dragon fruit taking the lead with 350,000 tonnes, followed by watermelons (250,000 tonnes), longans (110,000 tonnes) and bananas (30,000 tonnes).

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