Vietnamese agricultural product exporter

Welcome to Camel Group.

We are a manufacturer and exporter of Vietnamese agricultural products. Our products are canned fruits and other agricultural by-products.


Raw material area

Main Agricultural Products

Our mainly produced agricultural products

Our Market

Our Main Global Markets

Asia: Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, China, India, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Israel, Dubai, Bangladesh

Europe: Sweden, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, UK, France, Austria, Georgia, Malta, Romania, Netherlands, Hungary, Greece, Belarus, Slovenia

Americas: Brazil, Colombia
Australia: Australia
Africa: Tunisia

Agricultural By-Products

Agricultural by-products for export

hai phong


Free Asked Question

Of course. We always welcome customers from all over the world to come to us. Please leave information, we will arrange the schedule for you.

Yes, of course. We will send product samples according to your request, our products will always match the samples you received.

We accept all forms of international payment. Please contact our staff directly for assistance.

We manufacture for many different brands in the world. Therefore, we can produce with your brand.