Pineapple Production Process

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Pineapple Production Process


After harvesting, pineapples are moved to a cool, clean place, away from sunlight or rain.
After harvesting, preliminary classification, select healthy fruits and put them in cool storage with a temperature of 10 - 12 degrees Celsius for pineapples that are about to ripen, 7 - 8 degrees Celsius for pineapples that are starting to ripen, and humidity in the warehouse of 85 - 90 degrees Celsius. %
Transported by refrigerated vehicle with a temperature of 7 - 8 degrees Celsius
The time from harvest to cool storage is no more than 24 hours in summer and 36 hours in spring.


cat mat

Cut Crown

Cut off unused parts



Wash away dirt, bacteria and leaves

phan loai


Sort pineapples for appropriate purposes


Materials (72)

Cut out pineapple eyes

Materials (70)

Slice the pineapples

Materials (26)

Slice the pineapple into small pieces

Production Process

Storage and Preservation

The finished pineapple is soaked in syrup and an airtight metal can.
Carton boxes for exporting pineapples are designed to be easy to transport and preserve. The box can be divided into 12 or 24 compartments divided into 1 - 2 layers.
Pineapples after packaging will be sent for appropriate labeling.
Finally, the product is transported to a cold storage room.