Sustainable Business

Raw Material Areas

Continuously develop high quality raw material areas


Caring for the best interests of farmers, who create value for agricultural products

Agricultural Products

Building a high-yield, modern and closed processing line

Reinvestment in Agriculture

Research high-yield plant varieties to provide to farmers


Developing raw material areas

Up to now, we have built a solid raw material area for agricultural products: pineapples, lychees, longans, cucumbers...

Production Process

Processing Pineapple and Lychee

Modern production process, ensuring safety standards and product quality.

Large production output, fully meeting orders for customers. Please contact our staff to confirm the quantity you require.

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Canned Lychee (4)
Canned Lychee (6)
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Pineapple propagation

MD2 Pineapple Propagation

Currently, we have completed the facilities to propagate pineapple plants. Tests have shown very good results in 2023.
Proactively sourcing good seeds will ensure the highest quality products we can bring to customers.
With the motto of effective and strict management, we will ensure the quality of agricultural products as committed to customers.